Club Meeting:

Tuesday, May, 12
7:00 pm
Morgan Family Community Center
6207 West Price Blvd.
North Port, FL 34286
Note; Presentation: TBA Optional dining 5:30 pm, Beef O'Bradys. 1037 N. Sumter Blvd, North Port; ask for 10% Club discount.

Pace Levels MPH:
A Fast –         20 +
B Energetic – 17-19
C Moderate – 15-16
D Easy –        13-14
E Leisure –    10-12
Distances 15-35 miles


Riding Practices

CCBC is committed to provide as safe a ride as possible and to project a positive image of bicyclists on the road. Based on traffic laws, common sense and courtesy, we ask each member to follow the following guidelines for his/her own safety, for the safety of fellow riders, and as a courtesy to car-drivers, pedestrians, and non-Club bike riders with whom we constantly interact.

1. Ten Cardinal Rules
2. Club Biking Policies
3. Useful Biking Tips
4. Riding Signals
5. New Riders


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