Club Meeting:

Wednesday, Mar, 01
6:30 PM **Note Time Chang
Elks Lodge, Englewood, FL
401 North Indiana Ave.
Englewood, Florida 34223
Business meeting will start at 6:30 PM (About 30 minutes).** Followed by a Presentation ** Keith Hazeldine: "The Trials and Tribulations Of My Bike Ride Across Africa" This trip covers 4400 miles and 67 days from Nairobi to Cape Town. We road on beautiful paved roads to mud to severe corrugated gravel. We road through dense green vegetation to dry, dry desert. The presentation is a story about the trip ** Food and Beverage will be available at the Elks Lodge. The Kitchen will be open at 5:30 PM

Pace Levels MPH:
A Fast –         20 +
B Energetic – 17-19
C Moderate – 15-16
D Easy –        13-14
E Leisure –    10-12
Distances 15-35 miles


Riding Practices

CCBC is committed to provide as safe a ride as possible and to project a positive image of bicyclists on the road. Based on traffic laws, common sense and courtesy, we ask each member to follow the following guidelines for his/her own safety, for the safety of fellow riders, and as a courtesy to car-drivers, pedestrians, and non-Club bike riders with whom we constantly interact.

1. Ten Cardinal Rules
2. Club Biking Policies
3. Useful Biking Tips
4. Riding Signals
5. New Riders


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